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You have a purpose

What is your creative talent? You know that task or action item that you resort to doing that lights you up for no reason? Now that you are thinking about it, keep note of when you tend to engage in your creative endeavour and how often you do so. 

There is a BIG hint in there for you surrounding your purpose and just a heads up - it's not working hard to pay your bills.

Think of your daily lifestyle as an entire pie, with 8 pieces representing:

  • sleep

  • work

  • nutrition

  • movement

  • mindfulness

  • social circle

  • enlightenment

  • YOU time

The slices don't have to be even, but they do have to be balanced with its core 'ingredients' - pleasure, purpose, happiness + fulfillment. If you notice that certain pieces are not balanced with your core ingredients; this means these are the areas that you need to change to be able to see your full potential and to use your creative talent to fulfill your purpose!

Remember, you are needed for what you're inspiring.

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You may have heard of Abraham Maslow. He was a psychologist famous for his motivational theory, It consisted of a five tier model of human needs called the Hierarchy of Needs, 1943. If you are interested in reading more about it, click here. 

At the top of the model is self-actualization. This is where the top 1% of top achievers lie. Self-actualized people see their full potential and are driven grow past their comfort level of satisfaction. Also, they are highly creative, transcendent, and have a strong desire to be of service to others.

Elev8 is a motivational program designed to focus on well-being and self-actualization. It is an 8 week, one-on-one personal development program consisting of in-person share and learn sessions, mind mastering, personal growth assignments, creative alignment, readings + reflections, a lifestyle transformation, weekly check-ins, and positive, uplifting support.

Knowing others is


Knowing yourself is


Mastering other's is


Mastering yourself is


-Lao Tzu

Those that are happy and continually improving themselves have one trait in common: curiosity. Curiosity is the desire and the drive to explore further, to experience challenging situations, to grow from them and to fearlessly step into the unknown.

- SOURCE: Scott Barry Kaufman, Journal of Humanistic Psychology


When you join

1. You will feel empowered, confident and fearless

It's all about knowing that you are becoming who and what you always wanted to be - YOU, You will be supported to reveal your strengths, show your vulnerability, and be given the tools to let-go of your limiting beliefs and know that 'you are enough.

2. You will be clear on your purpose

Again, your purpose is not to work hard and pay the bills. You have a much grander reason for being here​ and once you begin to align your life with your creative talents and passion, you will see that you are 'needed for what you're inspiring.'

3. You will better know yourself

From the inside out. You won't worry about opinions and judgements of others, because you will be so aligned with your values, beliefs, goals and wishes.

4. You will know how to nourish your mind, body and vibe

By investing positively in yourself, you'll understand the benefits of healthy eating habits, and exercise, how to get your mind and your heart to connect, and power of gratitude, compassion and acts of kindness

5. You will attract good vibes only

Once you learn about Universal laws and how to surrender control of all that is external to you, you will be elevated into a space of higher consciousness to receive everything that you deserve to have and more!

It's all about becoming

What you'll recieve

One-on-one, in-person 8 week program consisting of high vibration fun and self-exploration:

  • 2 x 1.5 hours/wk of in-person (3 hours a week)

  • Unlimited support via e-mail or text

  • Morning motivational texts

  • Mid-week check-ins

  • Weekly challenges and action items

  • Enrolment in a private Facebook group for further support (after you finish the program)

  • Wellness journal

  • Elev8 workbooks + worksheets

  • Fitness and nutrition plan

  • You will be kept accountable to your goals

What you can expect

Professional and fun chats, assignments, readings and tasks with 'happy vibes'

  • Daily journaling prompts and free-writes

  • Weekly readings + assignments

  • Weekly action items + tasks

  • Motivational support and accountability

  • Kindness, empathy + compassion free of judgment 

  • Timely check-ins and feedback

  • Guidance on mindfulness

  • Self-growth + acceptance

High Energy

The reason that I have named my business Uplift Your Vibe is because people have told me that I have a very uplifting and motivating personality,  I love good conversation and I vibe happy. This does not mean our sessions and interactions are going to be 'rah, rah, rah!' It means that you will be interacting with someone who is cheerful yet, knows how to tone it down when it's required.

Personal Growth

I have invested a lot in my education and life experience. I have 10 years of teaching experience, coupled with nearly 20 years of experience working for the tourism industry,  My education is in a broad range of subjects and areas: business, education, personal training, nutrition, history, geography, english, creative design, psychology. Traveling is a passion of mine. I'm an independent traveler, I've travelled to: Bali, Australia, Fiji, Hawaii, Italy, Seychelles, Hong Kong, Dubai, Costa Rica, throughout Canada and the USA. Learning about other cultures and traditions has helped me be more empathetic and compassionate towards understanding the needs of others. As a high school teacher, I have worked with many students with special abilities. What I learned from this students is that creativity does not have any limitations when one is passionate about what they are doing. Lastly, I have experienced challenges my entire life and each time I felt the odds against me, I always continued to take that leap of faith and step outside of my comfort zone and things always turned out beyond my expectations. I used to be a 'closet' manifestor and now I am open about it. Yes, I recently became aware of my abilities to attract what I want into my life.

Authenticity + Comfort

I will wear my yoga pants to a session with you. Yes, you read this correctly. This does not mean I have a 'frumpy' style or that I don't care about my appearance. I love to shop and I love to dress-up, but I'm also human, just like you. Also, these sessions are all about you, I'm showing up for YOU. A quick story. As a teacher, I've always dressed up for parent-teacher interviews.  One day, a parent unexpectedly visited my class and noticed me sporting my yoga attire. Her reaction, she said, 'oh, you're like me, now I know I feel comfortable with you.'

I heart 90s hip hop music

Fatman Scoop, Tigra and Bunny, Technotronic, Paula Abdul, Wreckx-N-Effect, Janet Jackson, if it's a group from the 90s, I'll most likely know them.  I'm sharing this because it gives you an idea of the vibe that I grew up with - inspirational, weird, colourful and upbeat.

I am a teacher, and this is a learning and growing experience for you

Teacher, Coach and Counselor all mean the same thing: 'to point out.' I am intentionally not calling myself a coach, nor am I marketing a coaching program. I know, this may sound contradictory considering 'Coach' and 'Teacher' mean the same thing. No doubt, I plan to raise your self-awareness by pointing things out to you and challenging you to take action steps, but I also spend a great deal of time teaching you the root why things are the way they are not just scratching the surface, or advising you of your next steps. For example, our brains have this little almond shape organ called the amygdala that is responsible for storing our fears and making us worry about the smallest things. This is not our fault, but during early times of human evolution, humans were wired to either 'fight' or 'flight' against wild beasts, so our brains evolved to be fear mongering. Knowing this little tidbit of information, we can at least get some ease at knowing it's in all of us, and we can re-program our minds with many different types of mindful approaches. 

How you'll be transforming



Uncover your magic. Who are you? How can you use your strengths to create your dream life? You will learn to unlock your internal treasures and become better aligned with your goals and wishes.



Learn to attract abundance and happiness. Discover techniques that will help you create a mind-body connection and re-program your mind to think positive and your heart to be open.



Better understand your self-sabotaging habits towards your health
and become more aware of healthier options and activities. Create your own wellness plan.



Learn to protect your energy. Strategies to create boundaries, engage in honest and respectful communication and to establish a better relationship with yourself by becoming more aware.


Discover how to change your money mantra and be open to attracting more money-making opportunities.




Align your passions with your purpose. Learn how and where to start and what steps to take towards achieving your professional goals.


Engage in professional development opportunities. Discover your personal 'style' and find ways to learn, grow and get yourself out there!



Transform. Reflect and celebrate your life! Plan your next actions steps and develop ways to keep motivated in moving forward.



Fall enrolment starting October 1, 2019 is full, e-mail to get on the waitlist and for further details, schedule a 15 minute elev8 chat.

Q & A

I am feeling your vibe, this is awesome, I am ready to Elev8, do you offer payment plans?

Yes, I do. You can make 2 monthly payments on the 1st each month at $2,625 (taxes are included) or make 8 weekly payments before your weekly sessions at $656.25 (taxes are included).


To clarify, aside from resources, personalized worksheets and information, you are receiving 20+ hours of in-person teaching, guidance and support. Also, in addition, you are receiving 15 minute mid-week check-ins plus unlimited texting and e-mail inquiries. This works out to a fee just over $200/hr. 

Is this a group program or individual one-on-one program?

Individual, one-on-one. HOWEVER, to ensure that I don't lose focus or compromise the integrity and credibility of the program, I only take on 5 individual clients every 2 months. Currently, my fall intake starting October 1, 2019 is full, but if you are interested, you can request to be on my waitlist!

I heart everything about this program, but I don't know if I am prepared to make the commitment, is there anything that I can do in the meantime?

Kudos to you for acknowledging this before you make this investment. This program is designed for individuals that are currently at a point in their lives where they are just below the self-actualization point. Individuals that are financially secure, constantly building their self-confidence and focusing on their potential and wanting to grow, + take care of their well-being while wanting to be of service to others by using their talents and gifts.  

If you are optimistically working hard at getting to this point, YOU WILL GET THERE! In the meantime, I encourage you to download all the free downloadables shared throughout my site. You can also visit the freebie page.  Work your way through them, reflect and take little action steps. Don't focus on growing because of your lack of, grow because of your limitless potential.

I am financially secure, but I like to have my emergency money. Do you have any budgeting ideas to help me pay for this program?

Awesome. Over the next month track your expenses. where can you reduce costs? Do you have a coffee habit? Do you go out to eat all the time? Shopping sprees? Yes, these are obvious ways of saving money, but ask yourself this: If you are financially secure, you are ready to transform your lifestyle and grow beyond your potential, then what's really stopping you? Money is energy, it comes and it goes just like our thoughts and feelings. Many people have little issue spending their money on expensive purchases that don't serve them, and compromise their level of well-being such as: drinking, eating unhealthy food, picking up the tab for their friends, clothing that is worn once, etc. I am not indicating that this is always a bad habit, but it can become one if the investment is not benefitting your overall state of being.