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Fitness + Nutrition

The word, 'fitness' originally meant - state of well-being, body and mind, and the word, 'nutrition' means - eating food to keep the body and mind healthy. 

No doubt, fitness and nutrition go hand-in-hand in UpLifting one's well-being; one has to do with movement and the other with nourishment.

Being healthy does not mean you have to be at the gym for hours in a day, nor does it mean that you have to eat salad for each of your meals. You can improve your health and well-being and shed the unwanted pounds by learning about simple movements, knowing the history of food, acquiring basic knowledge on nutrition and being mindful of what your body is trying to tell you.


Try out my 6 week challenge.

Fitness Facts

Here is some basic information and some cool things to know about fitness and exercise (movement).

  • Muscle does not weigh more than fat. In other words, 5lbs of muscle weighs the same as 5lbs of fat. Muscle just occupies less space, whereas fat takes up more room. Also, fat loss means you are shrinking your fat cells.

  • Fat leaves the body in 3 ways: through urine, sweat and breathing. Yes, burning fat is a cellular process and occurs in our respiratory system whereby the solid is turning into a gas during certain types of exercise. It's a good idea to breathe using the 4-4-4-4 method - breathe in for 4, hold in for 4, let it out for 4 and hold in for 4. Meditation helps. Fun fact, many people have lost a few pounds just by focusing on their breathing during meditation. Try it!

  • You only need 150 minutes of exercise a week or just 22 minutes a day.

  • 80% - 95% of keeping healthy is the food that you eat more than how much you exercise. If you exercise for hours in a day you will end up stressing out your body and begin to accumulate fat because your brain will think you are in a stressful situation and begin to send signals to release cortisol.

  • Drink water while exercising - especially while lifting weights. 80% of our muscles are made up with water. Drinking water actually helps build muscle and retain less water.

Try out this body circuit

Body Circuit.png

Click on the image to download the workout and log sheets

Body Nourishment

The word 'diet' initially meant, 'way of life.' Today the word is associated with eating a certain way. Yes, there are all sorts of 'diets' - paleo, keto, intermittent fasting, the bodybuilder chicken and broccoli diet, etc... 


You don't have to go on a specific 'diet' to become healthier. You know what is good and what is bad. You just need to educate yourself on a few things:

  • Drink water throughout the day. I know, you have heard this before. Not only does water eliminate the toxins out of your body, water is used to build muscle tissue and to 'wash away' the excess salts and sugars that are hanging around your muscles.

  • Don't skip breakfast! Here is the the thing, most humans secrete the most cortisol in the mornings when we wake up. The reason for this is because are bodies are still hard wired for pre-historic times. Thousands of years ago, our ancestors would be preparing for a hunt as they were waking up OR they had the fear of being eye-to-eye with a wild animal; therefore; they were on fight or flight mode.. By eating breakfast and drinking plenty of water, your body will begin to bring down the stress hormone i.e. - less fat accumulation during the day.

  • Eat fat burning foods. What are they? All the healthy stuff, macronutrients - greens, lean proteins, potatoes, fruits, salmon, nuts and seeds, etc

  • Our bodies burn sugar first, then carbohydrates and then fat. If you have a sweet tooth, or go overboard on the breads - then your body may only be burning the sugars and carbs and not getting to the fat. Try to eat less sugar and less carbs (you don't have to eliminate it). You will notice a difference within a week.

Healthy meal ideas

Healthy meal ideas.png

Click on the image to download recipes and  healthy tips

Test your muscular and cardiovascular endurance

What to aim for...

> 50 sit-ups

> 30 push-ups

>35 squats

>15 each leg

>90 second plank

< 15 minutes for women and < 12 minutes for men

Choose well-being over looks