• Sherina Chandra

Up, Up, Up, I'm on My Way

We all want to feel more elevated each day. We also want to attract great people, amazing opportunities and the kindest of all treatments. However, it doesn't always play out this way. Somehow, we find ourselves in this vicious circle where we settle for what we are comfortable with, we feel inadequate, and we think we aren't good enough. Why?

What We Know

We tend to give our attention to what scares us, to what worries us, to what fills us up with doubt. To sum it up best, most of us have settled with living in a constant state of stress. Why the heck would we do this? It's what we have become to know best. The majority of us have grown up giving more attention to criticism than compliments; fear than faith; doubts than dreams. Why? Because we grow up comparing ourselves to one another than celebrating our uniqueness that sets us a part from one another.

How to Elevate Ourselves to the Next LevelWhen creating your posts you can:

It's called re-programming our brains. The only hard work is keeping consistent with our actions and knowing why we are motivated to change. The answer is simple, we just want to live happy; you know life our best lives. And here is the thing, isn't it better to remember that act of kindness towards us by a stranger? Isn't it better to pay attention to the compliments that we receive each day? Isn't it better to focus on our big life goals than our shadowy pasts? YES! It is. Here is what the magic is all about. Note, there are no tricks - just pure magic in flipping the switch to positivity mode. Being positive doesn't mean you ignore your unsettled emotions when you are placed in a challenging situation, no! It just means that you look for opportunities to bring about positive changes.

As of now, wake up each day, live each day and go to bed each night giving more attention to all the kindness, love and opportunities around you. Also, deal with those challenging situations with compassion and empathy. This doesn't mean you let someone step on you. It means you don't react to someone's problem. In most cases, other people's issues aren't with you, it's with themselves. I know, these sounds really simple; but they are actually quite hard to do. So, for the first week carry a journal with you, and write down all the 'good' things that you observe, feel and think.

Out of nowhere without physically trying, you will begin to attract better opportunities than you imagined, you will be comfortable being 'you,' and you will attract people floating on the same plane as you. Your mindset will shift and your spirit will literally be lifted, 'up, up, up.' You will feel like balloons floating through the floats so effortlessly, and you will be on your way to living your best life...

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