• Sherina Chandra

Write it in Ink

he smartphone has pretty much replaced: cameras, crayons, books, CDs, maps, and notepads. Convenience is definitely at our fingertips but in some cases it costs us our ability to think critically and to take time to carefully process information.

Writing out an idea or a piece of information helps to keep our brains active because writing involves processing information, being aware, and slowing down to think clearly.

Writing helps with memory retention, it promotes action-orientated behaviours and helps us to see our goals. All these benefits of writing keep us motivated to bring our ideas and thoughts into realization.


Try to avoid reaching for your smartphone by keeping a notebook and pen in your bag, in your car, and on your desk both at home and at work. Remember writing out your ideas and thoughts will better keep you motivated to follow-through on your action items. Happy writing!

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