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Calm, Cool & Creative

Updated: Jan 21

You come to better understand how to keep yourself motivated when you become more aware of what you are doing when you are, calm, cool & creative. Many times we struggle with keeping motivated because we are constantly in search of motivation. You know that saying, 'you won't find it when you are looking for it, it's only when you stop searching for it; you will find it.' Well, this can be applied to motivation.

Harmonious Motivation

We all have motivation to better ourselves, but we don't always successfully carry it out to live our best lives. In fact, most of us don't even understand that our motivation is actually internal to who we are and we instantly be motivated at any time to follow through with our life goals.

There are two types of motivation: obsessive motivation and harmonious motivation:

  • Obsessive motivation: when we do things to be recognized by others, for 'likes' and it's not as pleasurable or as thrill-seeking. For example, running track for the sole purpose of winning a medal

  • Harmonious motivation: when we do things because we get lost in it, we have a desire to learn and to improve ourselves, we get pleasure out of doing something because it fulfills our internal drive to be happy and to be at peace. For example, running track for the pleasure that it brings to us and helps us grow happier and more excited to constantly learn and improve ourselves.

Many of the times when most of us are experiencing harmonious motivation, we neglect it because we feel the need to be validated, to be recognized and to be rewarded and we begin to obsess and we eventually 'lose motivation.'

This is what we can do

We need to become more aware of the times when we are the most happiest and the most calmest. Many of these times we are experiencing flow and doing something creative. Creative doesn't necessary mean: writing, painting, or drawing. It means when we are learning and growing being so focused on a task that the time just goes by so fast.

When you catch yourself in a state of calm, cool and creativity; write down what you were doing and how you were feeling. Do more of it whenever you can, because this is what motivation is. It's internal where you don't have to seek for validity, recognition or rewards. You also don't have the need to check for 'likes.' Ironically, the more you are in the flow of harmonious motivation you will receive the likes, recognitions and rewards. The difference is, you receive when you are being authentic and true to yourself, xo.

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