• Sherina Chandra

Momentum 7 Day Endurance Bodyweight Workout

Physical exercise has positive biological and psychological effects on cognitive function and well-being.

-Frontiers in Psychology, 2018 

At home fitness is now becoming more common as many people are becoming more mindful of their bodies and are realizing that working out from home is not only convenient but just as beneficial than going to the gym.

Also, many studies on happiness have linked exercise towards greater quality of live. Stanford Graduate School of Business (2011), states, ‘exercising is a way to decrease unhappiness; exercise releases endorphins and these brain chemicals enhance our mood.’

So where does one that hasn’t really embarked on a fitness journey ever before start? First, if you have a heart or a health condition, always consult your health professional before starting any sort of exercise program.

Click here to download Momentum, a 7 day endurance bodyweight workout. There is also sample meal plans that are provided. Again, please consult a health professional surrounding diet if you have allergies or concerns. This program is intended to be used as a guide and should not be used if your physical health may be at any sort of risk.

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