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What is the difference between self-awareness and mental wellness?

It's not so much a difference than a correlation - by being self-aware, one is taking care of their mental wellness and living with peace of mind.

Self-awareness is not only the practice of self-care but also getting to the point of self-actualization; whereby one is living their full potential - happy and fulfilled. Also, personal growth is fuelled by an inner-knowing and individual needs as oppose to extrinsic motivators.

Through my own experiences which I openly share in My Story, mental wellness is either strengthened or weakened by one's level of self-awareness.

Firstly, why did I feel that there is a need to speak about self-awareness; particularly amongst youth? The simple answer, 'I personally have heard it from the horse's mouth.' I have been teaching for 10 years and each year I find my lessons always fitting in a piece about happiness and love of self.  

Just over the last 10 years, many people have disclosed to me their experiences with: stress, depression, grief and anxiety. Many battled with it alone, or did not even know why or what they were going through until they experienced challenges with their physical health.

What is your approach to teaching about self-awareness

I take a fun, motivating and upbeat approach towards speaking and teaching about self-awareness. Yes, it's a part of mindfulness, but there is more I asked individuals to uncover. I also come from a background in marketing and fitness. Therefore, I share a little bit about human behaviour and how our brains can easily focus on the external based on all the marketing we are exposed to. I share strategies of how to train your brains to keep being authentic to yourselves and empathetic towards others.

There are three key elements towards self-awareness: being clear on your values, setting boundaries and showing your vulnerability.

Once these elements are in place, you are better able to recognize your creative traits and place more empathy and compassion on others enabling you to focus on other important aspects of your life:

  • career exploration

  • continuing education

  • physical health + diet

  • healthy relationships

- Aristotle