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Wellness is a term that originated in the 1600s and it pretty much meant, the opposite of illness. The modern world experienced a wellness in the 1950s and by the 1980s the word, wellness has been commonly used to give a more positive and happier message towards health. 

The World Health Organization defines wellness as:

Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

The evolution of the practice of wellness goes back to 3,000 BC with Ayurveda. Chinese medicine was later introduced in 2,000BC followed by ancient Greek medicine in 500BC. Homeopathy became popular in the late 1700s, and hydrotherapy was later practiced by the 1860s followed by chiropractic care in the 1890s.

By the 1950s organic farming spread throughout the word and by the 1980s the word, wellness began to catch amongst people. Wellness became a global phenomenon by 2010 creating the rise of wellness tourism.

-Source: Global Wellness Institute


Spirituality can be interpreted and perceived in many different ways. My take on it is: it's the well-being of your overall spirit; the vibes that you are putting out to the world, your way of living, your actions in raising your level of happiness, your creative hobby. In short, it's not focusing on the material things, but rather to your inner-being.

Also, the art of well-being does not need to cost you a single dime. Spas, meditation circles, yoga, fitness, travel, workshops are all wonderful ways to uplift yourself, but you can also do this by going for a nature walk, doing some stretches before bed, listen to a guided meditation on YouTube, borrow a book to read from a friend, be a tourist in your own city, dive into your creative ability, attend a free class of some sort offered at your public library. The opportunities to Uplift Your Vibe are endless!


The art of being at peace and having control of your mind and opening your heart. Meditation is not the only form of mindfulness. Everyone has some form of creative ability; you know doing that one thing that brings you so much happiness and keeps you present and at ease.

Why is mindfulness such a positive vibration? Simple. It keeps your breathing in check. Yep, that is all there is to it. When we are focused on something that makes us happy, we don't dwell on our past, think about our future, fill our minds up with worry, fears and doubts, and don't think negative thoughts. What this does is it tell our body that we are not in danger. Therefore; our bodies produce more of that happy hormone; serotonin. And it's true, many people begin to lose unhealthy weight, attract better opportunities, and find they are better in their flow. Why is this? It's because, when we worry, we stress our bodies out and our bodies think that we are in danger and in an effort to protect itself from potential attack, it begins to release the stress hormone, cortisol. Cortisol is responsible for excess fat, and the reason it activates fat production is so our bodies can have energy incase it needs to defend itself from a vicious attack.

In an article published in 2019 by economist Theirry Malleret, he states that although our world is getting better, so many people are still miserable and the number one reason for this is: stress and anxiety. We are working longer hours and not receiving fair compensation; meanwhile prices of commodities are going up. Also, our millennial generation is growing up with anxiety because they are unable to deal with uncertainty. With the constant evolution of technology, they have not lived through times of global chaos and conflict. The upside with this is, that millennials in an effort to deal with their anxiety, they are shifting their focus onto their wellness. 


  • Wellness travel/spa vacations

  • Guided meditation

  • journaling

  • Corporate fitness classes

  • Home fitness

  • Wellness real-estate/communities

  • Breathing classes

  • Visualization exercises 

  • Mens wellness

  • Focus on nutrition not on diet plans

  • Alone time

  • Nature walks

  • Face-face connections

  • Acts of kindness


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